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Film Blowing Machines
Complete blown film systems for single or multi-layer films up to seven layers of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH, PET, PS, Ionomers, Blends and Reclaim.
Bag Making Machines
Complete line for production of all kind of plastic bags. Special machines.
Blow Moulding Machines
Our machines are designed with high reliability, excellent efficiency and flexibility of the production for bottles, containers between 5ml and 200 litres.
Thermoforming Machines
Our machines are robust and dependable, easy to use and ideally suited to produce high quality plasticpackages in HIPS, OPS, PP, PET, PVC and many others thermoplastic materials.
Extrusion Machines
Single screw extruder from D.20 up to D.160mm. Co-extruders D.20-35mm. Complete extrusion lines.
Recycling Machines
Complete line for the recycling and pelletizing of LDPE/HDPE-PP-PS-ABS and PC scraps, output 20-1000 kg/h.
Injection Moulding Machines


Ancillary Equip.
Hopper loader, dosing and colouring unit, granule dryers, separators, chillers, belts conveyors, temp. controllers, crusher, agglomerator, film-surface eqip., microperforating unit, banana roller, miniflex.

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